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On Naval Strategy, Part 1

MHV, in responding to questions about the inefficiencies and inadequacies of the Wehrmacht before and during the Second World War, describes the Kriegsmarine as “not ready.” He further describes naval strategy as “build strategy,” noting accurately that it takes years, if not decades, to build robust naval power.  In this series, we will endeavor to … Continue reading

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Military History Analyzed, Part 3

Once again, in response to MHV: Previously, I noted the similarities between American Lost Cause emotionalism to pre-Cold War German emotionalism.  This might be hard for Germanophiles to accept, but Hitler and the Nazis were the product of a nation that was serially incapable of taking responsibility for its actions. German Revolution Bullshit Edition Histories … Continue reading

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Military History Analyzed, Part 1

The Youtube channel Military History Visualized has been fascinating to me, the resident Contrarian historian, for quite some time.  But this title was especially intriguing: To the stated question, why are you so negative about the Wehrmacht / Germany?…MHV’s response revolves around American versus German perspectives.  Fair enough, but isn’t there something far more basic … Continue reading