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Military History Analyzed, Part 3

Once again, in response to MHV: Previously, I noted the similarities between American Lost Cause emotionalism to pre-Cold War German emotionalism.  This might be hard for Germanophiles to accept, but Hitler and the Nazis were the product of a nation that was serially incapable of taking responsibility for its actions. German Revolution Bullshit Edition Histories … Continue reading

History / Warfare

Military History Analyzed, Part 1

The Youtube channel Military History Visualized has been fascinating to me, the resident Contrarian historian, for quite some time.  But this title was especially intriguing: To the stated question, why are you so negative about the Wehrmacht / Germany?…MHV’s response revolves around American versus German perspectives.  Fair enough, but isn’t there something far more basic … Continue reading

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Soon The Second Amendment Will Selects You To Be Shot

As questions swirl whether the U.S. will address the 2010s spate of rifle-caliber massacres legislatively (it won’t strengthen weapons limitations on the federal level, and will almost certainly loosen restrictions in several states), gun-rights activists will eventually learn this one, unequivocal rule: Police officers have one overarching aim: to not be killed on the job.  … Continue reading