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It’s Not All Roses… (Or is it Something Else?)

My previous post focused on a theory that military necessity has been the driving force in the development of remarkable technologies that powered Robert J Gordon’s three phases of the industrial revolution: IR #1 (steam, railroads) from 1750 to 1830; IR #2 (electricity, internal combustion engine, running water, indoor toilets, communications, entertainment, chemicals, petroleum) from … Continue reading

Economics / History

The History of Weaponization

Much hay has been made out of the recent writings of Robert J Gordon.  Some of the more fascinating thoughts concern futurism, resolving around biomechanical engineering (cyborg technology) from Noah Smith, artificial intelligence from Kevin Drum, to a full-on dystopian vision of the future courtesy of Paul Krugman.  Others, like Dean Baker and Matt Yglesias question … Continue reading


Is it too late?

I wrote a different post originally, but I find my thinking in a few hours has already changed.  Stepping back from the cliff of passion and emotionalism, my jaundiced eye becomes apparent. After yet another horror taking the lives of many in a school building, I believed I had come upon a solution.  Rather than … Continue reading