From Mother Jones, Kevin Drum relates this Wes Venteicher story from the L.A. Times: Postal officials recently tried to end Saturday letter delivery, which could have saved $2 billion per year, but Congress blocked it. A legislative proposal to replace doorstep delivery with curbside delivery, which would save $4.5 billion, failed last year. A plan to … Continue reading


Slaughter the Bismarck

Today, 72 years ago, the Royal Navy’s Home Fleet pounded the living hell out of the Kriegsmarine battleship Bismarck.  The British were out for blood. Three days earlier, Bismarck was intercepted by HMS Hood and HMS Prince of Wales and engaged in the battle of the Denmark Strait.  The battle turned badly against the Royal … Continue reading


First Anniversary

One year at this. I started off on May 2, 2012 with a shrill call to sanity concerning the processing of raw materials.  Since then, the 36 year commodities market failure has merely become a 37 year market failure.  I could remark on how disconcerting it is that newly developed gas and shale oil fields … Continue reading



I haven’t posted anything in over six weeks, as real life has occupied my time extensively since mid-March.  I had and continue to have every intention to continue exploring the damage disinflation has wrought the world economy since the March 1973 collapse of the fixed-exchange system, but first I feel compelled to revisit the terrorism … Continue reading