Aggregate Demand Dominance: The Equilibrium Error

My previous posting ends asking the question whether consumers are getting shafted (by the illogic of the LRAS “curve”) from an economic system that largely refuses to recognize aggregate demand even exists.  But considering that I have already found supply-side concepts warping more accurate Keynesian models, I will attempt to correct another. I will begin … Continue reading


Why We’re All Doomed (Semi-Satirical)

WARNING…satire follows: While I was catching up on the continuing Chinese meltdown courtesy of Gordon Chang, this title caught my attention: Republicans Will Win The Government Shutdown PR Battle If They Promise Voters Private Jets Finally!  Forbes has columnists that can be tongue-in-cheek as well as satirical, thought I.  Expecting fall-on-the-floor comedy, I was instead … Continue reading

Current / Economics


I have but one question, and it is one word long: really?  For the first time since a certain ignoble stretch of 21 days in December 1995 to January 1996, Congress has failed to pass a Continuing Resolution (CR) on time.  I should probably preface this by saying passing a CR is necessary because the … Continue reading