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Get Back to Work!

Sorry, I’ve been laughing myself hoarse for four days straight and I have neglected to write anything about House Majority Leader Eric Cantor being defeated…in a Republican primary. I’m laughing just writing that sentence.

But it isn’t fun and games. I think Martin Longman is right on the money:

But it’s true that these white, rural, conservative Christian voters have no reason to be happy with the Republican Establishment. The Republican Establishment has been a disaster on foreign policy. They have not brought back the lost manufacturing jobs. They have been losing the culture war. They haven’t overturned Roe v. Wade or stopped the march of gay rights. They haven’t stopped the dissolution of the nuclear family. They haven’t prevented a prescription drug epidemic in their communities. They’ve been losing elections.

They have not been delivering in any tangible way.

Except on guns. Guns, guns, guns. Look where that’s getting us by scanning the headlines over the past couple of weeks.

The GOP ramps up the hatred of gays and blacks and Latinos and Muslims and “takers” and liberals and academics and teachers and journalists and scientists and urban-dwellers and secularists and…

…they oversee the biggest growth in wealth disparity in ninety years and offer nothing for jobs but tax breaks to corporations and the wealthy, and…

then they hand these aggrieved people guns, no questions asked.

Is it any wonder that every few days a new rivet pops and someone shoots up a school or a mall or Wal-Mart?

Well, I partly agree. The Republican Establishment didn’t deliver on guns—five men that never once have held elected office and were all appointed to their positions delivered in District of Columbia v. Hellerand McDonald v. Chicago. Elected Republicans have delivered precisely nothing, other than material for comedy writers…

…though the SNL writers forgot that the Senate is also armed:

Rage is still flaring amongst the Republican base almost four years after the 2010 elections, but rather than it all being from foaming-at-the-mouth madness I wonder if the anger isn’t more along these lines:

If an American is motivated enough to get out and vote (let alone in a primary election), that person probably wants something. These people want their elected representatives to do something, while the current crop of Senators and House Members have admittedly (sometimes brag about) failing to accomplish anything. These voters want something back. What is it I speak of?

Prosperity. Ultimately, I believe every person in this country that possesses a functioning brain wants to return to a time that was prosperous. Republican base voters truly believe that tax cuts and “making government smaller” (Whenever I hear someone of the rightward persuasion mention shrinking government, I always feel compelled to ask said conservative a question—what the hell does that mean? I never get the same, let alone a straight answer) will return the United States of America to the prosperity this country enjoyed in the 1950s. Perhaps this is why so many angry base voters are old enough to remember that decade, though it begs the question why it took them decades for their anger to flare to such heights.

Perhaps that’s why an economics professor whose verbal tick is “free markets” bested the loathed House Majority Leader. What do I know, maybe this college teacher will be a breath of fresh air…wait, I know a thing or two about economics. The economics field simply doesn’t appear to know or understand what has occurred since the 1950s to make prosperity so fleeting. But I think I might have found the answer…


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