Once Again, It’s Too Late

I’m back to channeling firearms indignation, which I last visited in the aftermath of Sandy Hook. I really thought in regards to police violence focusing on suicide prevention could be a silver bullet (pardon the pun), but I was clearly wrong: Family members of a teen who was shot at least 16 times by police … Continue reading


Death Of A Lonely Comedian

I’ve given myself three days before acknowledging Robin Williams’ death.  My initial reaction at learning the suicidal comedian was severely depressed was to think must have been horrible at the end to again be that lonely—feeling so isolated to be willing (and able) to kill himself.  David Wong has already written about the propensity for … Continue reading

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Aggregate Demand Dominance: MIC and the Death of the Deflation Ratchet

The Utter Failure and Stupidity of the Gold and Silver Standards: Part 5 Over a series of posts, I’ve come to refer to the gold standard’s “mean reversion” tendency as the deflation ratchet; a mechanism that especially afflicted the world economy during the 1873-1890s Long Depression and the 1926-1933 run-up and descent into the Great … Continue reading