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Aviation Investigation Snow Job

Someone want to explain this possible claptrap to me? The co-pilot of Germanwings Flight 9525 purposely crashed the plane into the French Alps, killing all 150 people on board, officials said Thursday. “We at Lufthansa are speechless that this aircraft has been deliberately crashed by the co-pilot,” said Carsten Spohr, CEO of Lufthansa, which owns … Continue reading

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Earth To Airbus: WTH?

What’s With Your Fly-By-Wire Programming? Yesterday a Germanwings A320, 4U 9525, crashed into the French Alps en-route from Barcelona, Spain to Dusseldorf, Germany.  144 passengers and six crew (likely two pilots and four flight attendants) were killed in the impact.  I’d normally wait for some investigators to release a preliminary statement before commenting, but I … Continue reading

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The Reality-Based History of the Cold War, Part 4

Perestroika Scott Walker can argue all he likes that Reagan’s reaction to the PATCO strike (firing over 11,000 ATC controllers in August 1981 and barring them from federal employment for life) brought about the rise of Gorbechev or whatever fevered thoughts run through the Wisconsin governor’s brain, but the reality in September 1984 did not … Continue reading

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The Reality-Based History of the Cold War, Part 3

First-Strike Fears                 Nevertheless, by the early 1980s the chances of surviving a general nuclear exchange had dropped to zero. Moreover, the chances a regional nuclear conflict wouldn’t escalate to a general exchange were belied by Mr. VPK himself, Minister of Defense Dmitri Ustinov: Could anyone in his right mind speak seriously of any limited … Continue reading